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  1. @Born2killx: I think, you should make it more cognizable. @Chris: Great picture, but the idea is faked from CMD's one @Illnab1024: Yes, we need more judges. Rick? Maybe CMD can be a judge, too, 'cause he didn't joined Greets Flo EDIT: Illnab1024, please resize the image I think, you can manage to resize it while holding the size of the letters (Manage another order. )
  2. Nice, jake2k. I counted you (and Illnab1024) in. Greets Flo
  3. Okay. Is this the image, you want to join the contest with? It is better, but the added letters are kind of mat :? Greets Flo
  4. Hey, cool idea. When I wrote the conditions, I didnt think about something like this. Wow! But I think, taht there are missing some letters :? 1. Is the "line" the "l"? 2. Where is the "g"? 3. Where is the "s"? I think, that you only can join with one picture (Oh, I forgot this copndition, when openning thsi thread ) Greets Flo
  5. Nice, Alex G. @CMD and trickman: Er.. why do you post inn this thread? I think, it is "a little bit" off topic! Greets Flo EDIT: But it's nice, your new homepage design, CMD
  6. *rofl* If you want, I can disqualify CMD. For... er... being to good in PDN No, only a joke, CMD. @Galdi8or: Come on, join!
  7. sorry, doubled post, please delete this one
  8. Yipiiiee. The great Crazy Man Dan joinde my contest Dan, read here: Greets Flo
  9. Nice. I'm surprised and porud, that there is so much interesst Greets Flo
  10. ok, the max. size is set to 800x200 now. Greets Flo
  11. It's nicer than the other one. *thumbs-up* If I would like Sonic, I would have got a new background, now Greets Flo
  12. Nice, that you are interested. @Gadfly Jr: not bad, I enjoy it. @pika2: Maybe it looks better with a background, but its nice, too. @Picc84: What do you meant by this?? @trickman, It's quite cooler now, but the background is already missing and I think, it's to huge. Good Luck to all of you Flo
  13. Well, I made a Logo, too. Yours is nice, trickman, I think, but I think the "06" should be clearer, if you dont know, you cant read imho. Greets Flo
  14. Only an example made in about one and a half hour. I dont want to join the contest Greets Flo
  15. Please write into "General Discussion". I think, that you cannot download brushes for Paint.NET, but wait, until Rick is here, he should know Greets Flo
  16. I think, it is the wrong forum, write to "General Discussion". If you have got yor final image, go to File > Save As, enter your filename, go to the directory where to save it and choose "Filetype: *.png". It's easy Greets Flo
  17. What do you mean, sorry, I dont understand :oops: I think to, that the best way to decide the winner is a public poll. @trickman, dont be scared. You havent to design every letter, only one design would be enough. Btw, you have got more than one month, so buy many bottles of coke and let your reallife alone, for a month. *irony* Without joking: It isnt soo hard, come on guy! Greets Flo
  18. Hey guys, 'cause I never saw a contest in this forum, I want to start one. The task is, to make a graphical alphabet, yeah! Every letter must be readable from A to Z. You can use lower case letters or capitals, how ever you want. (If you want, you can mix, too). Every letter must be cognizable for me. The max. size is, let's say, 800x200 pixels, you can use Arial 30 as basic. The format have to be *.png or *.jpg. Everyone who want to take part post his/her image here in the forum till 01-08-2006, 23:59:59 GMT From 08-07-2006 to 28-07-2006 I will be in holidays, so the end must be AFTER this time So, you have got more than a month to draw. If anyone dont want to show his image, 'cuase nobody should fake his/her ideas, you can join by sending me a PM, too. I'm sorry for dont have a price, but maybe Rick can give the winner a special user text under his avatar, like "Winner of the alphabet contest '06". @Rick: Would you do this, if there are enough members of the contest? To win, every letter from A to Z must be cognizable and the graphics must look good. If you different "effects" for the letters, you have to use 5 different "effects" for the letters, minimum. I think, that the jury is me and maybe Rick, if he want. Everyone else, who dont want to join the contest, can be the jury to. Or I can manage to make a forum-wide poll, about who will be the winner. Greets Flo EDIT: Here is a list with all members till yet. I will actualize it even ther is a new member. The people who shown their images already are written in bold letters :arrow: pika2 :arrow: 42nt1 :arrow: trickman :arrow: Picc84 :arrow: Alex G :arrow: batfinger :arrow: jake2k :arrow: Illnab1024 :arrow: 13_15_4_14_1_18 :arrow: Zacariem :arrow: Born2killx :arrow: (Crazy Man Dan) EDIT 2: We have got 12 members, but 12 poll options arent allowed. I decided to let 2 of six join the final and then let join 2 of the other six join it. Between the 4, which are in the final, there will be a poll again, to decide the first, the second and the third place! EDIT 3: Ok, now the poll for the second six people will start. 'Cause Alex G and batfinger have got the same number of votings, I change the rules, and six people will join the final. And now: Vote your second six favorites! Good luck to all of the mebers flohrian EDIT 4: Oh, I saw, that I'm not able to edit the poll.. I'll made up a new thread.
  19. You must select the color (while holding shift with the magic wand tool), wich should be transparent and delete it, if you open a gif. Then save it again and you'll have got a transparency in the picture! Greets Flo
  20. For me, infinity is 1 But now without jokes: Dan, if you count to infinity, why dont you write down every decimal place of pi? (er.. did I say "without jokes"? noo! ) Greets Flo
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