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  1. CMD's alphabet city was great >.>

    Sure was...

    Oh yes, it was ;)

    I dont get it!? i'am not there? and i think there were more entre's than this?

    RTFM, please. ;)

    I wrote everything in the first thread as some EDITs under my first post there..

    I said more then once yet, so read this thread and the other one, before you ask next time, please..

  2. Did I missed something?

    Link 1 and link 2 give the same topic: Contest ONE.

    What is the difference between Round and Contest ?

    Where are the new pictures?

    How to subscribe for the next run?

    No, you didn't miss anything.

    The pictures are the old ones, there are only two rounds, because there cannot be 12 options in a poll. But read the edits in the first post in the old thread, I explained everything already.

    The contest all in all is old, so you cannot subscribe, I'm sorry :(



  3. I already saw one word in Rick's post, and I thought: I have to reply.

    The word is "MDI" (oh, I am sorry, it isnt a word ;)).

    MDI, MDI, MDI!!


    Is iot there in PdN v2.64?

    When does PdN v3.0 appear?

    And btw: PdN is my main, best and only picture editing program (without MS Paint :P). :D




    Sorry, I just saw the first page of this thread.

    At the moment, the website (http://www.eecs.wsu.edu/paint.net) "cannot be displayed" :(

    If it would be, I would have PdN v2.64 already.

  4. So, to compute the memory requirements for an image, the following formula can be used:

    (W x H x 4) x (L + 2)


    Some time ago I created a 10240 x 7680 pixel image by mistake. (I wanted to create a 1024 x 768 :D)

    (10,240 x 7,680 x 4) x (1 + 2) / 1024 / 1024 =

    943,718,400 / 1024 / 1024 =

    900 MB, ouf!

    BTW: I have got 1 GB RAM, so 900 MB plus the memory, which Windows needs plus some other opened prgramms..

    Eventually, it had to be cached, muhaaa.



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