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  1. I haven't gotten to try this one yet, new action pack subscription came in a couple weeks ago and i'm waiting to rebuild the computer, but its on my list of going to try soon:)
  2. I played with new layers some and decided to try something else, and got this:
  3. I was trying to make a star that kinda looked like this one: I played around with layers and fills, gradients, dropshadows, text, and relief, and got this: [/img] its still a work in progress, I really want that pressed look, and have some chopping to do on my shadow and outline layers, but its closer than i thought before
  4. I was working on these for a client's site, so figured I'd post em here as well, kinda subtle 3d-effect with the dropshadows/text/frost effect. these are just the lower case, I'm lazy and don't feel like doing images with uppercase so hah!
  5. great tut, i used the same method to make my banner for one of my websites, basically the same image as my sig. thx for the tutorial on this. I think I may have nerfed a step or two, but i found them and will be using this method to make my logos and stuff in the future thx again kev
  6. You could try opening a new Word document, setting the margins so that you can only type within the size of your bounded boxes. Then type all your text, or copy it from your other word document, or set the columns on your existing word document, etc. After you have all your text formatted the way you want, I recommend not adding font and size elements, just lines, go in the Left edge of your second line, and put a hard return at the start of every line. Then open notepad, copy the text out of your word document into note pad, select all again, then copy and paste into PDN. Once you have
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