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  1. ok ... got it. just cut pic a, open new window with pic b and paste. voila. see results here (i don't know how to post an image into this forum format): http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/5648 ... xpress.png
  2. super. i got the part about the "sdi behavior" of paint.net, still don't see why it couldn't clear the work space, but whatever ... it does what it does. ok, so i got pic a up, i open pic b; pic a disappears. can i cascade the windows, or do i have to cut and paste beteen two iterations of the program? see my problem? anyhoo, thanks very much.
  3. is there a place that you could direct me to that might give me a bit of the theory/mechanics underlying the difference between mdi and sdi?
  4. i don't hate word. word is a program, not a person. i hate certain persons, silly to waste your time with my knee-jerk reaction. however, previous poster compared a word behavior to the sdi charactistics of Paint.NET. word behavior is not germaine to subject in hand, is obfuscatory, and certainly not even a little bit helpful for me, or for that matter, the next guy that comes along, hoping for instruction on Paint.NET behavior. my response was inappropriate (seeing as you live in redland, and all). sorry, won't happen again.
  5. sdi ... oh, ok, sure. what is "gray screen"? i no longer use word. i hate ms. hate hate. i use abiword. of course, i do use notepad. i'm thinking gates had nothing to do with it's creation. thank you.
  6. fine program you have here, gentlemen, my hat is off to you. my problem is this: having manipulated a file, it seems that i can only "save" or "save as", then "exit" the program; so, is there a way to close the file, thus clearing the image space, without having to restart the program each and every time? rephrasing: is it just me, or is there no way to close a file without having to restart Paint.NET?
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