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  1. I don't like the latest help format because I can't search for topics. The PAINTBRUSH topic talks about setting the Tolerance to 75 but it doesn't give you a clue as to where you might find this setting. How about another link to THAT topic? I'll be &^&^*@$ if I can find a Tolerance setting. At least in the chm help I could search and I had a little hope of finding it. Bad. BAaaaaaad!
  2. I use draw in word to format words and draw arrows and other such things that you cannot do easily in PAINT or paint.NET. I then copy the images from WORD to PAINT but I can't seem to copy such images to paint.NET. I have to copy to PAINT and then cut and copy to paint.NET. Of course, a better solution is the ability to draw these things directly in paint.NET instead of drawing in word and copying to paint. I am annotating screen shots for online help...so my needs are quite simple. The other problem have is when I copy an object from PAINT to paint.NET, I want the background to be transp
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