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  1. Similar to Photoshop's function, which crops the image down to remove as many transparent pixels on each side as possible without losing any actual data.
  2. I don't even know how to crop. You need to create sub-text over the icons so when you drag your mouse over you see what they are. I wasted 15 minutes on Paint.NET and I still didn't find out how to crop. Thank you. Also, create a more aesthetic look. The GUI seems to rigid.
  3. Nothing to feel sorry about, I figured it wasn't possible but since the forum is for suggestions I hoped it would at least be considered. I don't get why no other application but PDN does this. I'd think it'd be a simple task to save what folder view you last used in the registry and then read it when opening up the open file dialog. Unless you're naming your images badly there's really no reason to have thumbnails enabled anyway.Another suggestion is a trim feature. Just to trim the canvas of any transparent pixels, instead of having to do it manually.
  4. My folder view is what it should be getting the preference from, not whatever it decides is best. That was the point of my suggestion. It's fine in Windows, MS Paint, Photoshop and Imageready. PDN is the only one that defaults to a thumbnail view even though none of my preferences state that.
  5. I have Classic view enabled and when I go to that folder in windows or any other program, it displays them in a list format. It's definitely PDN, not Windows doing it.
  6. I just want to see the file names, I can only see 4 pictures if I keep it on the default thumbnail view while I am able to see 45 with the list view. It'd be great if it viewed them the same way windows does, so people who like thumbnails can have it enabled and those who don't can have it disabled. On an unrelated note, is it possible to not have the quality dialog pop up when saving in lossy formats (such as JPG)? There's no preferences dialog, so I'm not sure how it'd be implemented but it gets a tad annoying when you're creating many images.
  7. It's not download it that's the problem. It's storing. I just like to cram as much as stuff as possible onto a disc, that's all.
  8. I hate to be picky, but I was wondering if there was an English only version? I like to keep the filesize down, as low as possible.
  9. It looks like the 3.0 one made by Mr. Groch works with 3.01. Nie uzywam na codzien polskiej wersji, ale na pierwszy rzut oka wyglada w porzadku...
  10. Thanks! Here's my firefox box
  11. Like one from firefox or something? Where we can drag and drop plugins? Set options and uninstall plugins would be cool to have with it. I would like that. A lot easier then just doing it manualy.
  12. It's just about remembering what kind of 'view' you want in the save-as-dialog. A lot of other programs do this correctly. I'm not sure what custom dialog has or has not to do with it.
  13. Once you hit yahoo french you get a ton of downloaders. Believe me on this one. When I released PhishTank SiteChecker it hit there. Lost all my bandwidth thanks to them. I digged.
  14. Isn't that right down the street from Microsoft? Adjacent from Nintendo Product Development and across the street from Nintendo and infront of the MS building and behind the 7-11
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