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  1. Hi, I am writing a game involving bombs and I need help designing smoke. It is from an overhead prespective and has to be partially transparent. The image's dimensions are 72*72. I made an attempt using the cloud feature, but it looked terrible. If anyone can help I'd be grateful. Thanks.
  2. After successfully compiling and tweaking InvariantStrings.cs (it has syntax errors btw) I get a Win32Exception CreateFileMappingW() returned NULL (123). SingleInstanceManager.cs - line 243 Does anyone know how to fix this.
  3. When no files are open and I drag an image file to PDN the Would you like to add this to a new image or layer dialog appears. Either the middle button should be disabled or the dialog should be skipped.
  4. Funny, I tried it too and it doesn't paste into OO. I think it is an OO problem.