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  1. When i copy a part of and image and post it i can't move it. When i try to move it, it's resizeing. This bug appears only with small parts (few pixels). I think that the area od "resizeing square" is bigger than it should be
  2. I have the same. I am also from Poland whot is strange O_o PDN don't like polish users?
  3. i have posted some suggestion in othere topic becouse i haven't seen this one, sry http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=1392
  4. o yes. lens flare is a nice efect EDIT: one more suggestion came to my mind. when i want to paste a picture into a layer, program asks me if i want a leyer to fit a picture. i think that there should be also a option for picture to fit the layer. it should be resized automaticly. now i have to do this manuly
  5. so i was using for a while photoshop demo and now i am back with paint.net and i realy need some thing that were in photoshop. 1 first of all a gradient tool. very usefull when making glass efects rly. i like glass so much 2. smudge tool! very fine things can be done with it. 3. blur tool. not efect but tool. 4. merge visible layers without deleting non visible ones. 5. more brushes (first of all airbrush from artwevaer) plz! now i have to work with two programs opened, artwevaer and paint.net -_- i hope my suggestion will be implemented in next paint version. i really count on You
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