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  1. haha, thanks for the compliment & good job with that decryption. Not really that high level of a code but hey I dont want to destroy your moment of glory! -Chris
  2. Haha Illnab1024. Yeah I didn't actually think anyone would understand, but hey there you go. Now, explain to me what Illnab means.. I bet you felt ripped off when you finally cracked the code just to find it said "random"! (That was the intention) -Chris
  3. Those are awesome wallpapers Dan! I really love them. My favourites: Knuckles, The first Shadow, The Second Tails. Here's a sketch I did of some girl. (Before & After Paint.Net Enhancement) Tell me what you think! -Chris
  4. Whilst using your plugin I ended up with a very cool rainbow effect. Before & After:
  5. Hello CassandraC! Welcome to the world of Paint.Net. There are a couple of ways to rezize an image. The first is to go to the "Image" menu and click on "Resize.." Which will upon up a dialog box like this: Where you can put in the desired dimensions. Another, less exact method is by dragging the nubs on the side of the selection box. You just click and drag on a nub to where you would like it to resize to. To move an image in Paint.Net all you have to do is select what you would like to move, using one of the three selection tools available, then click on the "Move selected pixels" tool and just click and drag the selection around. If this doesn't seem to do anything, make sure you have the right layer selected! Hope that clears things up a bit. -Chris
  6. I've wondered this in the past too, but I haven't been able to do it other then opening a new Paint.Net document and just putting in the layers from the picture you want to flatten into the other document, flattening that, and then just copying & pasting it back into a single layer in the original picture. If there is anyone that knows a better way to do this, please tell us. If not, maybe you should run this by Rick in the Feature Request forum.. - Chris
  7. Yep, when saving just hit the drop down box and choose a different file type.
  8. Thanks, and also I think you could do a little bit of tweaking with the vista logo to make it look a bit more smooth, but it looks great apart from that!
  9. Hey well I thought I would contribute something so I whipped this up in about 20 mins. It was from scratch and it doesn't make much sense, but anywhoo. -Chris
  10. That's awesome! My mom and I were talking about the odds that all the women on that plane were all beautiful You're a really good drawer Aatwo. I love the batman thing too haha -Chris
  11. Hey, I am a long time Paint.Net user, yet I have never registered onto these forums so here I am. Paint.Net is a really good program and one of the best things about it is that it feels a lot more friendly then other graphic applications i.e photoshop etc. And since Rick actually replies to messages, and accepts feature requests, and helps out users of Paint.Net, it makes everyone feel very well looked after. And, it's free! So thankyou to the Paint.Net development team. Anyway, here are a few things I have made since I first downloaded the program. (In chronological order) As I said I've had Paint.Net for a long time, but, I only really started USING the thing since the start of the year. This was my first ever Paint.Net creation. Made January 2006. Lyrics from a Fall Out Boy song.. This one took me a while. Just a stock photo from Getty Images and applied some extra layers. Just ask if you want the pdn file for any of my pictures. Pretty much the same as the one above, except a different photo on the background layer. One of my more recent pictures. Just a webcam picture of a friend's eye. Also, ask if you want the pictures I used to make any pictures from here. And that's it for now. I have more but this post has been pretty damn long already. Just wanted to see what you guys thought. Thanks! -Chris
  12. :?: This isn't really a big feature but, when zooming in and out using the mousewheel, is it possible for whenever the zoom is passing 100% for it to snap to it? I know you can just get to 100% via the dropdown near where it tells you how far zoomed you are, but this simple feature would really help out. Thanks.
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