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  1. Not that exciting, but I put a jar on the table out in the sun and took some pictures of it. It sounds sad, but it is for reference as to how light travels through glass objects. If anyone is interested in a ZIP file consisting of some high-resolution pictures showing how light travels through glass just send me a Personal Message with your email address in it, thanks.

    Here are some (scaled down) previews:



  2. Hey Rick, would it be possible for when you right click an image that Paint.NET supports there be a little "Edit In/With Paint.NET" option there. Just like there is "Play in Media Player" for media files etc. I'm not sure if this is hard to implement but it seems kind of easy. When I right click and go to "Edit" it opens up in InDesign and if I knew how to change that to Paint.NET I would.


  3. My submission, it has the acknoledgement in the top left corner now. :) I didn't intentionally copy CMD.. I just tried out his little curved line + fill thing and ended up keeping it.. I think everything else is pretty different to his.. but if you think otherwise, that's understandable. :lol:

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