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  1. I was absolutely astounded at your deft execution of this exercise in photographic manipulation and was therefore compelled to cast my ballot in your behalf. I too was wary of supporting your cuase due to the uncanny appearence that would result in the case that you actually succeeded in procuring a victory. In the end there was little else that I could do seeing that the competition was so slim in comparison to your superlative craftsmanship. Why you even had control over the seasons! Nevertheless I am bound by my charitable nature to mention the one competitor that gave me pause in my consideration of the victor. The entry submitted by Expiration was quite pleaseing to my eyes due to the outstanding clarity that is portrayed therein.

    Champagne to the victor! :wink:


  2. Modnar? Your surname? I just turned all the numbers in your name to letters... No, wait...



    Nooooooooooo my secret :cry:

    But what impressed me about Illnab1024 is that I never told anyone it was a code or anything.. he just said one day ".. I finally worked out your name, Random" - it was all very James bond!

    Which reminds me... where is the old Pictorium?

  3. Holy apple fritters! There's a name* I've not seen in a while. How've you been? ;)

    I think the fact that you remember a string of numbers as a certain person is when you know you're addicted to the PDN forum? :wink:

    I've been great, just doing a lot of stuff that meant less forum time :(

    I designed skateboards, hey!

    Hopefully some more time shall be spent back in this lovely place!

    Oh, to keep on topic: .... when you call the PDN forum a "lovely place"

  4. thanks to 13_15_4_14_1_18's grass tut

    Oh! Look at this! I've been away for months and I'm still being talked about!

    I've been gone for some time now but since then I have gotten accepted into an academy for digital art and I'd just like to thank everyone on these forums because if it wasn't for you guys being so supportive and being such great inspirations to me I would have never gotten here. So, thankyou! :D

    But to keep on topic.. (sorry Rick :P)

    Nice images here, everyone has definatly been improving! I must get back into some PDN stuff soon!


  5. Ha yeah I have firefox.. but it's easy once you can remember..

    13 15 4 14 1 18

    I can actually write fluently in that code.. 2.5518 1.91.5 2.3812.0 11.85 41.591.47

    Oh by the way, when there's a dot between two numbers it means they are together.. so like 1.91 is "19" and "1".

    Of course there a few letters I can never remember, like L and J.. lol

  6. I was halfway through making a selection (still holding in Left mouse button) when the updater window popped up, I clicked "Close" and let go of the left mouse button to finish my selection, but nothing happened. It seems when you are halfway through making a selection and a new window opens the selection wont end but just continue following your cursor. You can test this by holding the LMB and dragging a selection, without letting go, and with your keyboard opening "About" under the "Help" menu. Click "OK" and try and finish the selection. You can click both mouse buttons together and it will complete, but still.. you get the idea.


  7. He's what you call a real artist who can do it with limited tools and to many free pixels. That spilt water and the waterfall scene were the best, I think.

    I agree. The idea behind it is to showcase his talent. He normally just paints.

    Boltbait, You might think 'that's a waste of time' because you could do it so much easier in Photoshop or Paint.NET. If he (I'm assuming it's a "he") did it in Photoshop then it would become one of many and not be so impressive. RaveN, how would you do this in MS Paint? I'm curious.


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