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  1. I've figured out it's still a png but why is it making them say there a Paint.NET file it's annoying to have to go through your pictures to see what file format they really are. Are they're any plans to fix this problem in the future?
  2. Not exactly. With bmp and jpegs and every other format it doesn't say "Type: Paint.NET"
  3. Here is the picture of the result when you save a png. Notice the png icon.
  4. I have the latest version v.2.62. Hmm every single png is a paint.net. It evens saves as a paint.net when I use ms paint and save a png file. I'm going to convert back to v.2.61 for the time being until this glitch is fixed.
  5. *Note I have only encountered this problem with paint.net v2.62* Whenever I save or create a png file it saves it as a Paint.net file. If I save as a paint.net file it saves as a paint.net file. Aswell all of my previous png files are paint.net files.
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