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  1. @ BoltBait

    It's only PDN that doesn't run on Mac, all the other programs do (sorry I didn't make myself clear in my other post :oops: )

    Most people who use a computer for similar things that I do have said that Mac's are much faster, more reliable and end up with better results as a PC.

    @ usedHONDA

    Thanks I'll have a look at that......btw if I have any more questions I'll start a new topic (don't want to steel your thread lol :lol: )


  2. Since were on the Mac subject.....

    I'm wanting to get a iBook (as cheap as possible!) and I'm hoping to be able to do the same thing as usedHONDA with 'Q', since I'll be wanting to use PDN and other windows only programs.

    I'm looking at this specific iBook, (but any other suggestions will be great!).

    I'll probably be using it for listning to my music, PDN (obviously!), recording music on Audacity, and some 3D rendering in Blender3D.

    Do you think that Mac and windows will be too slow, or does anyone have any other suggestions???

    Thanks a lot :D

    Zacariem 8)

  3. @ barkbark00

    Yea I noticed that after I'd made it, but you can't change it without starting again :( lol!

    @ RaveN

    Yea but it's not as good lol! I only made a akin in it because lods of people make them on MySpace using html, not as many make them on Bebo so I can kind of show off lol!


  4. I use codelab...a lot...but I realy don't understand the C+ or whatever it's called that is used to make it.

    Could there be a simpler version, where you select a couple of effects and different layer modes etc. to make a working codelab effect or .dll?

    This would help me and a lot of other code begginers to make great effects.

    Thanks a lot

    Zacariem :lol:

  5. Hi all!

    I'm at my grans at the moment (she hates me calling her gran :D ), and I'm not aloud to download anything because when I do, bad things happen :twisted: !

    I desided to waste a bit of my youth and make this on MS Paint:


    Wocha think???

    Zacariem 8)

  6. Hmm thats a tough one...

    Here's the point of view of a 13 year old christian :D:

    I suppose if two people love each other than thats awsome, but, don't forget that marrage is a christian belief, and I actually wonder why non christians (I hate that phrase!) actually get married anyway.

    After saying that I've desided that I'm...well...UNDESIDED. But if I met two gay guys I wouldn't have a problem with it.

    Btw the idea for this topic is GREAT!


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