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  1. OK. Thank you for the replies Rick and Illnab1024. BTW my virtual memory was 2GB (max 3GB) and I increased it to 3GB (max 10GB). It did not help (obviousl as Rick explained)
  2. Hi Rick, I know the error message is telling there is not enough memory but I increased my computer's RAM from 512MB to 2GB and I get the same message. What can I do to get around this problem? Thank you, Dale
  3. The image is 7680 x 2880 pixels and 63.2 MB. Compressing the file in properties does not help. There is no crash log. I get a window saying "Not enough memory to resize the image". Thank you for your help Rick.
  4. Hi, I am fairly new to Paint.net but I am hooked. I am working with some very large bitmap files (e.g. 60 MB). I assumed that my memory was the problem causing an 'out of memory' error when I tried to resize an image ( using nearest neighbour) so I upgraded my RAM from 512 MB to 2GB. I still get the error. I have an 80GB HD with about 25% used so I don't think it is a disk limitatation. Is there any way around this problem? Thank you, Dale
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