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  1. Hi Rick, The feeling I got from searching on Google et. al was that the "/createMSI" option generally worked for people. I suspect that the problem must lie with our AD setup rather than with the MSI created. Here are the Orca results based on the "Windows 2000 Logo Program Suite" evaluation file. Hopefully they will be of use in further development. ICE08 ERROR Component: C__C08B0CE0650062A8481C7009710B08A1 has a duplicate GUID: {5DB3B30F-F40C-9328-67D8-CB61A1C500D1} ICE30 ERROR The target file 'PAINTD~2.DLL|PaintDotNet.Resources.dll' is installed in '[TARGETDIR]\' by two different
  2. Hello all, I am attempting to use the "/createMSI" command line switch with Paint.Net 2.61 to create an MSI suitable for Group Policy deployment on a Windows 2000 Active Directory network. The MSI is created successfully, and I can use it to install on individual workstations. When, however, I attempt to add the MSI as a new package in the group policy (under the "User Configuration\Software Settings\Software Installation" key), I receive the following error: Add operation failed. Unable to extract deployment information from the package. Run validation on the package to ensure that t
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