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  1. Wow jpope that makes my abstract look a little simple.
  2. Nice and Simple: Images: http://apn.3months.com/Portals/4/Images/Disturbed%20copy.jpg http://rock.stheoutlawtorn.com/uploaded_images/disturbed-719854.JPG http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B000069KN8.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg
  3. Man, there has been so cool stuff since my last post. It been awhile since I posted last so heres another bliss parody. Coffee Bean Bliss I blame the coffee! I was bored what can I say. About halfway though I discovered that I lost the anti-aliasing and didn't want to restart so ya. Man, I need to do more posts.
  4. Well heres my try at it. Blissfull Morning Frist thing I've made that looks half decent. With all the fog, stars, and stuff. That paint by numbers is pretty cool by the way.
  5. I supose i could post the finished product. Just in case anyone wandered. Hum, looked a little beter before resize. Oh well.
  6. Well I got it to work. I got it close with rotate/room then I did a layer mask. Cut off a little of the image but still looks nice. I feel stupid for not trying that before. Thanks for the idea Rick.
  7. Well, bfschuil the black box was a magic wand select from the original picture with the TV and yes I did rotate the box to level it but I still could not get the dimentions the new pic to fit. And like aatwo I can get it some what close, except for one edge. Still trying though.
  8. Ok I have messed with pdn for about a week now and it has some cool stuff. The only thing that I am having a problem with is Rotate/Zoom. I am trying to take an image and put it on a t.v. in another picture. So far I have fidled with Rotate/Zoom for a few days with no luck. I can never seem to get the angle of prespective I need. I hope I have enough info here (first post). I know questions like this has been posted before but they were just answer with only "Rotate/Zoom" I am trying to take this picture: On to a Space this size: Also I think a tutorial on Rotate/Zoom might be a good idea. Thank You
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