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  1. This post is about the latest (4.0) version of Paint .NET. I see that there's a "Preview" subforum so if this post should be moved there, even though 4.0 has released, feel free to do so. I noticed that in the new Rotate Layer dialog, clicking in the top-most textbox, entering a number (e.g. "1"), and pressing tab (to make the layer rotate) ends up putting the keyboard focus on the reset button. This is different from the old dialog (See the "Layer Rotate" page in the Paint .NET documentation for a screenshot; I can't seem to paste a link here) where pressing tab would put the keyboard foc
  2. I noticed. As I said, if you have the financial resources for that, then great.
  3. In step 1, the path could be generalized to %userprofile%\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Templates I'm fairly certain there's a way to get the "My Documents" part too but I can't remember it right now.
  4. I will confess a general time crunch so I may be repeating others' points in this post. I've used both types of boards and currently administer a board that went from Invision to phpBB. It seems that Invision is fine as long as you keep paying. If you have the financial resources, then life is great and you get patches and updates. However, the site I administer switched to phpBB because we do not have the financial resources for Invision and we were repeatedly hacked while using Invision.
  5. True, you aren't stuck in that mode if you think about it hard enough. But you are stuck without a way to actually make a selection (short of picking another tool and going back to Rectangle Select afterwards).
  6. Problem: The mouse is stuck in Rectangle Select mode. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Go into Rectangle Select mode 2. Zoom in as far as possible 3. Scroll to the right edge of the image. 4. Click somewhere on the image and hold down the left mouse button 5. Move the mouse over the scrollbar and release the mouse button How to Rescue Yourself: Click on any tool besides Rectangle Select
  7. I would prefer Ribbons because right now, the menus are becoming a bit too long and hard to keep track off.
  8. @Rick: Here's what I get when I try that: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET>bench > bench.txt The system cannot find the path specified. Any tips?
  9. How did you get your output to come out nicely? Mine always get chopped up at the end of the lines. I've tidied it up a bit: Running ngen... The system cannot find the path specified. PdnBench v3.0.2583.27153 Running in 32-bit mode on Windows 5.1.2600.131072 Service Pack 2 Workstation x86 Processor: 2x "Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T7200 @ 2.00GHz" @ ~1995 MHz Memory: 1022 MB Using 2 threads. Loading image ... (1024 x 768) done Rotate/Zoom at 0.00 degrees (3x) ... 542 milliseconds Rotate/Zoom at 70.00 degrees (3x) ... 562 milliseconds Rotate/Zoom at 140.00 degrees (3x) ... 550 mil
  10. Then something's messing with your Clipboard or a program is intercepting the Print Screen button. 1. Go to the Start menu and click "Run" 2. Type in the following and then press enter: clipbrd This will run the ClipBook Viewer so that you can look at your clipboard. Now, press Prnt Scrn (or Print Screen, or Prt Scr). Does you screen appear in the ClipBook Viewer? If it doesn't, then something's catching your Print Screen button.
  11. Thank you. That's the shortest turnaround I've ever experienced for a bug. Are you going to put it in the next beta release? By the way, was it a problem with assigning event handlers?
  12. I should have explained more. :oops: When I push space, I see the save button go down and when I release space, the button comes back up like a normal command button but the filie dialog doesn't appear. It appears that the file dialog only appears when I click on the save button.
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