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  1. I uninstalled NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0. Made sure that all active user accounts had administrator privileges. The only other user account is the inactive guest account. I then downloaded the PaintDotNet_2_61_Full.exe file. I killed every program that was running except Windows Explorer. My system has way more than the stated minimum requirements for the installation. Then I ran the installation program. It installed NET Framework fine. Then when it attempted to install Paint.NET it failed with the exact message that I reported in the first post in this thread. There is something radically wrong with the installation design and implementation. I give up. Way to many installation problems for what should be a simple application product. A quick scan of the bug reports shows that. This is a nice product and I would like to use it. Just in case you think I’m some kid who doesn’t know what he is talking about I retired three years ago after 40 years of computer work. Programmer, systems analyst, operating system support team leader, contract programmer, and some other jobs of this kind. Fluent in C, C++, and some other languages. I’m not up to speed with the latest stuff because I have other interests than computers. See you later. I will check back in a couple of versions from now and see if this thing will work. You can turn off my membership in this forum now. Joe
  2. Bob, Just for information here is what my installer clean up display looks like: (All Users) ................................................................................................ (All Users) Adobe Reader 7.0.7[7.0.7] (All Users) iTunes[] (All Users) Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 [1.1.4322] (All Users) Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 [2.0.50727] (All Users) Microsoft Office Excel Viewer 2003 [11.0.6412.0] (All Users) Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2003 [11.0.6506.0] (All Users) Microsoft Streets and Trips 2005 [] (All Users) OmniPage SE [2.00.0000] (All Users) WebFldrs XP [9.50.6513] (All Users) Windows Backup Utility [5.1] (All Users) Windows Defender [1.1.1051.1] (All Users) Windows Defender Signatures [1.20.1389.7] (All Users) WordPerfect Family Pack 4[10] Windows Installer Clean Up [] Do you see anything here that might be involved with this problem? Thanks, Joe
  3. Thanks Bob, I'm going thru all of it again to see if I missed something. The strange part is that the uninstaller says the product is not there. At the same time the installer says it is. Obviously, the installer and uninstaller are looking in different places or interpreting the same information differently. So far, I have not been able to find what the installer is looking at that makes it error out because the product is already installed. I have tried to reinstall V2.5 but that installer also finds some kind of error and quits.
  4. That was interesting. I did that. The result was a dialog box with: This action is only valid for products that are currently installed. Then when I attempted to install by double clicking on the X86 line I got the same results as I reported to start this thread. It failed because it could not remove the current installed product.
  5. I did that. The result was a dialog box with: Another installation is already in progress. Complete that installation before preceeding with this install. It first asked: Are you sure you want to uninstall this product? I clicked on Yes Then it displayed a box that said: Preparing to remove. After a few seconds I got the "another installtion" dialog box.
  6. I looked up in my inside/out book and ran it. Double clicking on the x86 line resulted in the same error. Do you want a screen shot of that?
  7. Ok, just to make sure I'm on the same page. Click on start click on Run enter PaintDotNet_2_61.exe /createMsi on the command line. Is this correct?
  8. This one is on the way. There are two files. A complete screen shot with the dialog box plus the window after the dialog box closed.
  9. I can find no way to post an image to this forum unless I have a web site which I do not have. The text in the little window that pops up is: The older version of Paint.NET v2.61 cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group. plus a little place to click. If you have a way I can post the screenshot I will be happy to do so. I have it saved.
  10. In that particular utility Paint.NET was not in the list displayed.
  11. Yes I did. I did that before posting my problem. Basically, I downloaded v 2.61 and tried to install it. Failed because of permission problems in the registry. I tried to solve that one. I then downloaded and installed v 2.5. After editing the registry and some fooling around with files and folder I got that version to work. After I tested it for a while I found that the program is very good and does what I want. Then after readed on this web site I decided that I would really like v2.61 so I downloaded it again to make sure I have a good copy of the install file. I uninstalled v2.5 after a failure to install v2.61. After a few more attempts I read all the posts about installation failure and tried all the fixes posted. Then when I still cannot get it to install I started this thread.
  12. Is there any prospect of a solution to this problem? The older version of Paint.NET v2.61 cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group. Can anyone find out what it is accessing to think that the older version of Paint.NET v2.61 is on the system? All attempts to install it have failed so it has NEVER been on the system. I have delected all references to Paint.NET and PaintDot in the registry and deleteded all files that contain those strings. All active users have administrative privileges. I'm thinking that the failure to install is because of different user handling in the home version of XP. My reading of the description of this in Microsoft Windows XP INSIDE/OUT by Bott, Siechert, and Stinson makes me think that the installation premissions and other privileges have not been tested in the home version of XP.