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  1. If a machine doesn't have the latest .NET Framework, paint.net.4.0.21.install.exe /auto ...prompts with this instead of installing without intervention. Without doing /createMSI, how can I have the install EXE not prompt for this and simply install .NET 4.7.1? My goal is an unattended installation which will install paint.net and .NET 4.7.1 if need be, without having to explicitly automate and package .NET 4.7.1.
  2. Didn't think about checking task manager. I've always been a command-line type of guy. And process explorer only re-emphasized it Anyways, thanks for the clarification, I'll look up the bitness-agnostic up since I'm not a coder. agressiv
  3. I noticed now that on my x64 Vista box, PaintDotNet.exe is 32-bit. C:\Program Files\Paint.NET>filever PaintDotNet.exe --a-- W32i APP - 3.10.2791.35943 sh 901,120 08-23-2007 paintdotnet.exe Well I figured maybe it was like Sysinternals stuff and it extracts the x64 version out of the x86 version, but all I'm seeing is the 32-bit version, even in process explorer. Now there is a Shell Extension that is x64 (probably for the right-click context menu) and some "squish" dll. Did you guys abandon the x64 build? Admittedly I haven't checked since the 2.x days, but I could have sworn
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