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  1. Yeah, it might be a little big so I can shrink it though. Unless you meant it's too small but....it's a signature...
  2. Well, it's my first thing ever made completly with PDN without switching between it, the Gimp, and IMageready lol. How is it? The backround was pretty damn hard. And if anybody is wondering, that's Alice from American Mcgee's Alice
  3. I don't know. I hate PHPBB. My forums are Invisionfree. Yeah baby! But I could shrink it.
  4. I made the chrome liquid with Imageready but I couldn't have made my first pop-out sig without PDN! P.S, is this better than my current one?
  5. Well, I just did a little thing because I can never remember paintdotnet.12.forumer.com soooo instead I made a domain name for you peoples. Now you can just type in paintdotnet.tk and it can be searched for on the web.
  6. yes, I put it in the right directory. Sorry I didn't put that in the first post
  7. Ok, I downloaded the Icon and Cursor and the PSD file format plugins but, hey will not show up when I go to open them. Is there something I missed?
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