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  1. Hey! What's the correct time setting if you live in the CST zone? I swear that I submited these Wednesday.
  2. Just noticed BuzzKill's tutorial. Looks pretty slick. That and CMD's glass orb tutorials are very inspiring.
  3. CMD, I remember seeing this on PDN before. Still, It's some pretty cool looking work. Currently, I'm trying to duplicate some Mac icons. I like that glass-like work that they do.
  4. I also agree. Now lets see some examples. I'll post some of my own ...in due time .
  5. I meant to just find a pic done with some hi-end software and see if someone could duplicate some if not all of the picture with PDN.
  6. Huh? :shock: What is uh-this pertaining?
  7. ...to stretch those PDN muscles. Pick a graphic done in some other app then show us your best knockoff in PDN. A side by side comparison would be neat to see. Unfortunately, I have nothing to declare at this time. I just thought about this seconds ago. Plus I'm still chicken to show my work :oops: .
  8. Hey, I'm not an AutoCAD person. But I do tend to accidently mark on the screen upon opening. Actually, I've learned to avoid putting the curser over the work space-it's become an automatic reflex. Otherwise, I just hit undo. It's kind'a hard hitting ctrl+z being too lazy to put down my Wacom pen and all.
  9. An addition to the line/curved line tool. A Tapered Line Tool. The tapered line would have the ends "pinched" maybe to one pixel. When line thickness is increased, the "belly" of the line increases. I like to think of it like a piece of twirled dough. Manipulating the nodes would pull, stretch, or bunch the line. A Warped Glass Effect. As if viewing a picture through a piece of glass of varying thickness. The picture is warped by sliding the glass along the x and y axis or by rotating the glass. One image that comes to mind is the underwater scene in WD's Pinocchio.
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