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  1. I just downloaded this program and wow, I am useing it to repaint aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 and 2004, with amazing results so far. I am able to paint pixal by pixal for a very detail paint scheme. my hats off to you developer WOW and to thinks this is going to be my first repaint and is turning out great and it's freeware I'll put some pics when I get done.
  2. yes it work, 15 min and I had my new desert camo textures for my little helicopter Hughes 500c (Little Bird) now if anyone knows how to add a rust like color lol
  3. yes a program called DXTBMP will make the texture in to and exteded 32 bit format and will work in MSFS. just took me about 15 min to create desert camo textures for my HUghes 500c (little bird)
  4. yes , I have dxtbmp wich make the extended bmp textures required by msfs it works with most other paint programs I have used. hopefully it will work with this ine I will let you know
  5. Hello my name is Joey, I design specail effects for microsoft Flight Simulator, or AKA (MSFS) I do this soley because I love the hobby, so all my effects etc are freeware. To the Point I recently started repainting Aircraft textures for diff paint schemes on the Aircraft and add-on aircraft, I really do not wish to pay for a program since the froots of my labor are free. I am currently downloading this program as I am typing this. do you think this program will work well for this purpose? by the diff features it seems so. my biggest concern is with creating a somewhat smudge effects on the paint to blend colors if you can get what I am talking about. and createing a real looking rust effect(aged) effect hopefully this program will do so if not, it should be still worth the download.
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