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  1. Yes, I want one image to cover all the layers. I'm putting letters from certain logos into my very own to make one big layer. How do I use PDN?
  2. I have tried program after program to convert these PNG moderator image files into GIF files but they all turn out crappy. I have tried using Photoshop, Image Ready, Image Converter Pro 1.0, AutoImager, etc. All to no avail. If I can't apply the layers to one layer (See Thread: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=1341), then I need a good image converter program that will not make GIF image files crappy looking. What will make images not crappy? See, the thing is I want to make these from PNG to GIF so I can edit them on Mac OS X on my other computer using AppleWorks's paint program, so then I wouldn't have to deal with layers. Please help as I want to get this new moderator image logo done ASAP. Thank you very much.
  3. Hi, I asked a question about Paint.net's Layers when I was having trouble with moving different layers to equal one. Now I have a problem with making a whole image with all the different layers put together. How can I export it to an image file with all the different layers (letters from different logos)? Please help ASAP - thanks.
  4. Hi, I have found Paint.NET to be easier to use than Adobe PhotoShop, but am having a problem editing an image. Here's the situation. I am trying to create my own Moderator image for my web site and have taken samples off another site. But that's not the problem. Here's what happens/happened : I open the Paint.NET program and then insert the sample moderator image (let's call this: Image A). It then says part of my name but there's another letter I have to add. I move Image A down a bit below the center and leave it there and take out the other letters that I don't need. I then insert another sample moderator image (let's call that: Image , and add the letter I need to the one below. Well then the eraser tool and move selection tools don't work anymore with Image A below or even Image B above. When I try to move it, it moves nothing but transparent space. The eraser tool doesn't erase anything and of course it doesn't edit anything. Then I saw this checkerboard pattern that came but didn't know what that really means or what to do with it. Another thing that happened was that I once saved it and it got saved in an unreadable format. Well the second time I did it, I saved it again right away in a readable format. So that problem is taken care of, but has anyone experienced this? I don't know if this has anything to do with multiple images not being useable in this program but any help would be appreciated. What am I doing wrong that is making these images un editable? Is this a bug in Paint.NET and if this is a multiple image issue, then what program can I get that is easy to use to edit multiple images and combine parts of them together? Please answer all my questions. Thank you.
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