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  1. Funny, but insulting me cannot change the fact that Paint.Net has only ONE poor paint tool. All free paint programs you can find on internet offer dozens of different paint tools, and there are ones that even simulate water colors, like ArtRage 2: http://www.ambientdesign.com/artragedown.html Looking at the simplicistic Paint.net pencil brush one cannot avoid to think that this is an amateurish project without any practical use. I just do not understand the design choices behind this software, where a lot of effort is put in some advanced effects, but ironically the most basics tools are missing, forcing the users to do some messy acrobatics with the interface to emulate them (as we can see from the tutorials in the forum). I believe the cause lies in the fact that a programmer, not a graphician, made the design for Paint.net. And programmers do not have any hint about the graphicians workflow, and believe that adding some fancy layer blending option is more important to adding an airbrush. But maybe I'm wrong, and those above are well pondered choices to reach some goal that baffles me. If this is the case, then sorry and bye bye. george
  2. I believe that who missed the point here are you. You wrote this on the front page: "Originally intended as a free replacement for the MS Paint software that comes with Windows, it has grown into a powerful yet simple tool for photo and image editing." Well, it's not true. I'm afraid, Rick, that Paint.Net is still just a free replacement for MSPaint, and it have not grown into a powerful photo editing app. Because, I can assure you, the day that someone will be able to do photo editing and retouching without an airbrush, I will sell my left arm and go fishing for a life...
  3. The "Paintbrush" tool is just a pencil with an adjustable width (and some b/w patterns). And it's a joke: when the brush transparency is on, a width of even 10px make the pattern interrupted by bold points at every change of direction. I don't remember a painting algorithm so bad from maybe the first painting programs on the IBM PCs. That's not the point. If you make a paint program and you do not set as your first priority tools like the airbrush, then you don't understand anything about graphics and painting. Ask every professional computer artist if you don't believe me. So, it's better to spend your time on some other kind of apps, where maybe you can be useful and not make going backward the entire painting software field just to show up your C# proficiency.
  4. I've tried Paint.net for the fist time, and I don't understand what the fuss is all about. It doesn't have the most basic features of 2d paint software from 10 years ago: it doesn't have even an AIRBRUSH. I can understand the lack of alpha channels, masks, gradient tools... but offering only "one" paint tool (the pencil) is hilarious. I never painted anything with the pencil tool in my life. Even my freeware copy of Paint Shop from the 1996 is way better that this software. On the first page it says that this is only an university project made by a couple of students. I'm afraid to say that it shows.
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