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  1. RickBrewster and Buzzkill, I thank you both. Now I know!
  2. I just started using PaintNet and am trying to get the hang of it. As I understand it, the dimensions of the selected part of a photo should show up in the bottom right hand corner. However, from what I can see, this indication is not dynamic. As I move the cursor, the cursor location changes at the bottom, but not the size of the selection. This stays the same, until I click on "Crop to Selection" and only then does it change. This means that I don't know the selection size (or aspect ratio) until I've actually cropped it, which is pretty useless. Is it supposed to be that way? Isn't there anyway to know the selection dimensions before I crop to it? Also, I click on grid in the view menu, but I don't see any grid. The help files didn't help very much, since there is no search capability.
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