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  1. Pc dokter & LonelyPixel: Thanks for the report. I'll have a go at trying to reproduce this problem tomorrow.
  2. One thing to note is that JPEG 2000 supports lossless encoding (i.e. "perfect" saves). Just drag the quality slider to 100% when saving. Of course, the file size goes up quite a bit when you do this.
  3. Oh and Rick, the reason I was copying to a Bitmap rather than a Surface was, erm, because I didn't realize Document.FromImage() did a copy...
  4. OK, I've had another go at it. aatwo, would you mind redownloading the plug-in and trying again? (The squirrel can wait...)
  5. To a System.Drawing.Bitmap. And yes, I'm using LockBits(), UnlockBits(). My idea around how to speed this up was to reimplement the JasPer image type on top of a System.Drawing.Bitmap. That way, no conversion would be required.
  6. According to this page I can't use the static CRT because I'm compiling with /clr turned on. :-( Which I guess means users will have to install the runtime files to get this thing to work.
  7. Oh yes, and the slowness is partially because I'm doing a conversion between the JasPer image format (I'm using JasPer to do the actual work) and the .net image format. In other words, it could be made faster :-)
  8. Not sure... whatever the default is. I want the static runtime, right? Where do I set this? I guess... yes! ;-) I must not be cleaning up all the memory correctly. I'll have another look, see if I can track it down. What, you can't open them even with Paint.NET? BTW, thanks for the feedback aatwo!
  9. This plugin has been updated (13/8/2012) ! Get the new version here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/25170- OK, so I was bored and decided to spend the weekend writing a JPEG 2000 plug-in for Paint.NET... (yes, I know). Download This is basically untested, so I need people to post a message if it works for them. Especially those with 32-bit Windows (I have x64 so I'm reasonably sure that one works). [update 19/3/06 - Requires VC8 runtime] [update 20/3/06 - Hopefully fixed 32-bit crash issues]
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