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    Creating custom content for the Sims 3 games. I'm a female geek that also enjoys art in all forms.

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  1. Congrats and happy 6th year. Hope I'm here for at least half as long. :) Doughty

  2. The other thread was closed and I couldn't reply. I wanted to say congratulations to welshblue, yellowman, and barbieq25! Your entires were inspiring and all had wonderful workmanship while also being beautiful to look at. I really enjoyed looking at all of the entries as if they were in an art gallery and they made me think, admire, and smile. This new comp has an interesting twist. This is a very busy week for me. Hopefully I can enter something. I want to thank you for these fun competitions.
  3. Congratulations pdnnoob as well as delpart and histi! Very good entries!
  4. Loves science, art, and laughing. CES FTW

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