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  1. I tried someing up with things that didn't match up with your request, but might lead to the solution. What I am thinking is something like a 1 pixle line and then playing around with the oil painting (Set at the lowest settings in both areas) and then sharpening. I tried all ways possible and that came up with the closest results. You need to have anti-aliasing (Can never spell it right >_<) and then oil it. Also, sharpening actually sometimes takes away some of the line, which makes it dissapear. I havn't figured out what I have been doing inbetween them, but I am trying. EDIT: Figured out someting VERY VERY close. And it is pretty easy too, there is something wrong with it when the lines cross, but you can beat that by making the lines one at a time. 1. Draw a 1 pixxle width line, anti-aliasing on. 2. Then use the Oil effect too and have brush width set to 1 and the courseness between 100-200. 3. Glow seems to barely effect it, but that little bit makes it look a little nicer. Set glow to default except brightness, set it to max. THIS WAS DONE ON TWO LAYERS! THE BACKGROUND LAYER WAS BLACK AND THE TOP LAYER WAS TRANSPARENT WITH WHITE LINES! I have not test it using anything else.
  2. It doesn't mean people here don't speak it. I understood it and could of answered but Illnab1024 covered it first.
  3. Nice suggestions! This would be very helpful since I use Layers very often, and I am not a fan of keyboard strokes to Add/Delete/ect. layers. I would be very pleased to see this implemented.
  4. http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=1102 Just download the plugin and you will be able to do this. If you didn't have this plugin, you could have magic wanded the bike frame and did Hue/Saturation and gotten the desired results.
  5. http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=1845 Thats a basic on glitter, not exactly what you where talking about, but you could abuse this to get the same effect, you would just need to lower the intensity very low and use the motion blur effect twice, in opposite directions on two different layers would get you somthing close, then a nice sharpen would probably do the trick.
  6. Better image quality, turn on antialiasing and find a picture that is actually bill gates and then you are all set 8)
  7. Very very nice! Also, the space scene is far from done, that was something I threw together, I am playing with all the effects to try and make it better =D
  8. 50megs.com. Also, if you need more complex code on your website, I can code that kind of stuff =D. Anyways, I made this at random and its nowhere near finished. I need to update the tectures a great deal on the sun and the earth still, and there are some bugs in it like the land mass hitting the horizon.
  9. I am agreeing with chanman. This guy is bragging about artwork and being condescending and putting down anybodies try to his "challenge".
  10. Im going to join, just give me till later to get my submission in.
  11. This is the start to my website template. This website is going to be pure Paint.net (I am even going to try slicing using Paint.Net) http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/8048/template0vx.png
  12. Player1, are you by any chance the Player1 from AWB?
  13. Basically, to make a site you use a graphic program to layout the ENTIRE site. Once you have made all the graphics and it looks like a site except in graphic form, you go in and take it apart peice by peice and saving them as seperate images. That is called slicing. For example, if I was slicing the banner out of the site, I would use the selection tool and select the banner, right click, copy, open up another ms paint window and paste it there and save. I then later go in and use the image in the code. I use MS Paint for it since I like it better when it comes to slicing, for some reason I am much quicker doing it in there, most likely because I have worked with that much longer than paint.net. I don't see any problem in slicing with paint.net though.
  14. Yeah, the 1st one is going to be the banner for a template. I use a Paint .net and MS Paint combo when making websites. Paint .net for the graphics and MS Paint for slicing.
  15. Go to the Plugin section of the forum and download the ones that let you bend and twist images and glow.
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