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  1. Hate to start a new topic, and have already received such great help, but is it possible to open a new screen, and create a picture “collageâ€
  2. Hi Crazy Man Dan WOW!!! You are all so GREAT for the help. Your answer is exacly what I wanted. ty I have learned so much in just minutes. Very special Thank You's...BuzzKill & Crazy Man Dan
  3. Hi BuzzKill Great info would have taken a long time to learn without your help. Sorry but I only want to adjust "crop" the selection itself. Then if there was a feature to paste into picture would be great. So useful!!! I just think it is a GREAT program, and you are a GREAT resource...tyvm iyq
  4. Hi BuzzKill Your suggestion works great. What I would like to see is a way that I can re-adjust selection...larger, smaller. Just a handy feature I like. Ty...love you work.
  5. New to the v2.6, but already love it. I like working with Animation, and think it a GREAT Compliment Program. Tools are very good, and easier to use. I have already created some great effects. Two features I would like to see: Rectangle Select...to be used like a Crop tool. Wish I could open more than one picture. Kudo Thread on the Fourms!!!! Thumbs up Great Program
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