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  1. How do i get rid of the backround, but not the player in this pic. http://nandotimes.nandomedia.com/ips_ri ... -manny.jpg
  2. what starting & ending color? can you show me an example?
  3. So i basically make a good sized gradient what do i do with the pencils?
  4. This is something i am cofnused about. How can i make a gradient? i tried it, but i just doesn't do it right. what am i supposed to do?
  5. I am trying to do the following: Text: Smallville Fan Zone Font: http://www.dafont.com/salvation.font but i want to do it transparent so it can match with any backround. i don't know how to do that. can you help me?
  6. now it keeps putting the new layer first. it doesn't put it second like it supposed to. so thats why it doesn't work. HELP ME
  7. i mean like belnding with different colors.
  8. How can i blend these: http://www.ehomeupgrade.com/images/sony/psp_concept.jpg http://ultra.gamer.free.fr/consoles/fut ... on3-01.jpg
  9. that is harsh man. come on. this is myfirst time using a graphics software program. i don't know much about it.
  10. so again. can you summarize everything. from step one to the last. PLEASE
  11. so what should i change the layer type to?
  12. i'm sorry. but the edit button doesn't work for some reason.
  13. i know where to find the layer properties. but where is layers?
  14. Is there any predictions weather flash animation will be available in any versions of PAINT.NET? that would be so awsome.
  15. How can i blend. i go to the layers. but i don't know how to do the rest
  16. i know how to change the capacity. but how do i add the color
  17. no. not the animation. how to i do the color. & still make the pics appear.
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