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  1. Thanks a bunch SearedIce! That's a pretty cool effect. I tried it on another software that explained it differently and now I got it :oops: Thanks again! Jimmy M Mt Baldy
  2. Hey SearedIce! Thanks, that looks like exactly what I want to do. Now, here is when you find out what I really don't know Ichose the pencil, held down ctrl and drew a circle around the area I want to copy. then went and presed clone stamp and tried to move the corcled area. Nothing happens Any chance you have time to explain what exactly to do next? Every time I start to think I sort of know what I'm doing something like this pulls me right back Thanks again, Jimmy M Mt Baldy
  3. Hey there everyone! New to the board and was just reading the post about layers. I have a picture that seems to have had a bug on the lense when taking it. I'd like to remove it and using layers(which I'm about to learn i hope) seems like the way to do it. Will making a hole in one layer and covering it with another work? Also is there any easier way I may have missed? Thanks a bunch in advance Jimmy M Mt Baldy
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