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  1. My message from the automatic installer was, Could not find host, exited out and updated from settings, updates, it flew in.
  2. Rick Brewster wrote "Which version of paint.net are you using? 3.5 or 4.0?" Your latest 4.0, was there earlier. They were foldered, forgotten about and not noticed. Creation date12/3/2013. Guess I will have to put a few extra dollars away for the 4.0 release.
  3. Some pdn.files in Windows folder view have white bands across the picture. One layer and multilayered with just transparent background visible. Just looks odd and more than likely my system. Windows 7 Home Premium SP-1 Gateway 64 Bit Intel i5 Stock graphics Desktop performance for Windows Areo Subscore 5.2
  4. The PayPal Screen at the end of installation, support future runstogether. Is there an average donation that is posted? I haven't donated since the WSU recommendation.
  5. search on " microsoft office document imaging file " http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/help/ ... 01033.aspx
  6. I look at properties and see TIFF Image (.tif). What can be done is right click the file, go to, Open With, go to Choose Default Program, click Other Programs, click on Paint Net. .tif file can now be opened with paint. net hth Swankyfrank
  7. BoltBait This is an old link to a contest http://mix06.com/Contest.aspx The "Download MIX CSS" link on the right is still active, may be of some help to you. SwankyFrank
  8. Going to the Silk Icon site or running the repair tool was no help. Cheers back!
  9. Some icons are missing. Ex: Effects :arrow: Blurs Swankyfrank edited for spelling
  10. Not quite as fancy as all the work I see here! Just some lines and circles. Rose was on a Franklin Survey Co. book of maps, not dated Swankyfrank
  11. @ChattBat Magic Wand tool, select save; Layers, Import from file... the save makes a new layer in .pdn format. I use the eraser tool to get transparency. No pro here, trial and error till I find something I like. Anyway look again. Good luck. Have fun
  12. Something like your header on this Windows Live page? image deleated-next day
  13. @Rick Message box that I was getting said something about name resolver (sp?), sorry I don't have a screenshot. Joined, loged in, ran the updater now there is no problem. Very nice program, love the tuts, hope to see more of it. Swankyfrank
  14. @Tassadarmaster Had similar problem after a reinstall. ...Quote from your site >January 13, 2006 >Sorry for the downtime, I had to delete everything again since the >mysql database was corrupted, I installed a another forum under the >same database, which caused the corruption. Hopefully this issue won't >ever be happening again in the future. I will be setting everything >hopefully all by today Got Paintnet thru redirect from http://www.eecs.wsu.edu/paint.net/download.html only way I could update was to register as a user then run the updater logged in to this site (http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/index.php). hth Swankyfrank
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