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  1. A lineart I scanned and shaded. A bit of photomanipulation with a Wheaties box and a dragon I drew. Said dragon, which I colored/shaded and scaled(using Tile Reflection and Magic Wand). I created her, shaded her (using Xor layer blending), highlighted her; then popped her on a BKGD I made in Paint.NET earlier. Using the flaming text tute, Glow, and Feather Blur, I came up with this title. I used the title I created, made colored, flaming silhouettes(using the flaming text tute and the Gradient tool--w/a little help from Magic Wand); and concocted this poster, which uses the latest fire tutorial. An early experiment in photomanipulation, before the Feather tool. Four distinct images and a yellow gradient, along with the Swirl/Twirl effect. Experiment with the Water effect and that checkerboard effect(I forget the name). To make the background in my Black Lady pic, I used a yellow gradient underneath the checkerboard. I popped in an old pencil sketch of a granite bust, then toyed with an extra Xor layer. (I duplicate the object layer--the granite bust, which I copy/pasted three times--then Xor the duped layer to make it black. After that, transparency using the Layer Blend or Transparency. I then erase part of this "Shadow Layer" to reveal the original. Classic cel shading.)
  2. I have some sketches/art that I did on lined notebook-style paper; I want to remove the lines. Some of the art in question was scanned in BW to Paint.NET, but the gray lines remained--and turned black. I want to keep the lineart, but remove the lines. Others are color pictures, but still on lined paper. How do I accomplish this feat? I know it has something to do with filters in Photoshop, but I forgot that tutorial. = = = I think it actually may involve tinkering with color channels. Please advise. I'm very new with Photoshop-style graphics editors; my prior experience is with MS Paint itself.
  3. My fix for it is to close those Tools:F5|History:F6|Layers:F7|Colors:F8 windows(toolbars) until they're needed. For example, if you needed Layers and Colors, but not History or Tools: Click the "x" in History and Tools upper right-hand corners. (alternate: hit F5 and F6) If Layers and Colors are open, leave alone. If not, hit F7 and F8. That should at least move them out of your way. Just remember: F5, F6, F7, F8. ACSound, wondering about transparent drawings on another thread....
  4. I want everything transparent on the new layer except for the black lines of the original drawing (the background). I know I could erase the white area, but I wanted to know if there was a faster way. And the tricky part is that the drawing is a person. It's simple black-on-white lineart, but I'm having a hard time getting rid of the white. ACSound
  5. Okay, I have a drawing as the background. I want to duplicate the background as another layer, then make the white areas of the new layer transparent. Please advise. Thanks, ACSound
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