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  1. will all working plugins be integrated one a while, so we dont have to download each manually. depending on their final status of course..
  2. i would help! my english is quite good enough for that job.. maybe we both could share the work pixelquäler?
  3. so i have to use the lasso to move pics from their layers?
  4. so why layers are for when not to modify each pic individually even after doing some work with other stuff..i thought thats what are layers are for lol..
  5. Ive recently created some wallpapers but i have a problem ^^ i guess im not stupid but i just dont find out the clue.. so the thing is, lemme say i got 2 pictures. i have 2 layers. one is the wallpaper. one should be a small pic on it. so first i create the background (wp) and then i add another smaller pic. up to this all fine. but then when i add the new pic i cant modify the background anymore, i mean i cant change the size by the drag clicks.. only the new one offers that options. then i want to change the size of the 2. layer with the small pic because its too big or small (whatever, just a test) but paint changes the whole project to smaller or bigger, i just want LAYER 2 smallr ^^ :oops: so how can i make sure, i can modify every layer on its own and the sizestuff etc.. thanks for replies guys.. i really wait to see hows the easy answer ^^
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