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  1. Hi, Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, I had to delete the program, I actually had to totally reformat my c drive because the Microsoft Net stuff took up to much of my memory. I am going to reinstall it on a different computer with a larger hard drive, and then will follow the suggestions above. I would actually like a detail exlanation on how you did both of the pics above, they are both really cool in my opinion. :wink: Kindest regards, Laurie
  2. Hi, I finally got this cool program running, and I would like to create some background images for some software I am creating. I want them to be faded, such as you see on calenders where the text is over the picture. I want the picture to still have the details, but be a softer lighter image. I have tried to do this with other programs with the contrast and lighten and darken but am not achieving the results I want. I don't want to change the specifics in those area, just lighten the whole effect of the picture. Can this be done in Paint.net, and if so, can someone give me some detailed instructions. Once I can perfect it, I will create a tutorial explaining it all to others and share it here, as a way of saying thank you to this forum. Kindest regards, Laurie
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