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  1. Does anybody know how to pull this off?





    Here are a bunch of examples of the graphic I am trying to pull off. It's for a blog and I want to make the center and side column look 3d. Not just a colored box, but something with dimension, texture and light gleaning off of it. Any easy to follow steps to get there?

    Thanks as always...

  2. That subject is pretty simplified so here's what I'm looking to do (will need to open them full size to see the texture):




    Obviously this isn't my work, but the background demonstrates the sort of look I'm trying to acheive. A high res, well textured background with lines moving diagonally. Credit on these great walls must go to KondzioR over at Customize.org.

    At any rate, I'm wanting to impliment this sort of background for my blog. How would I go about making this??????

    Thanks as always...

  3. untitled8wo.jpg

    Hi all collective Paint.NET geniuses,

    I have this shape as you see that I'm working on. I want to try and make a faded mirror image of it below it to give the impression that it's on a shiny floor. Obviously it has to be upside down to look like this reflection. I'm not sure how to do this.

    Also, what if I were to fill the inside of the square with something that resembles a bright light. Is there a way to make the 'floor' in front of this square appear as thought there is light being cast down on the floor in front of it? I know that part might not be possible.


  4. Hi again kind boards,

    Here's probably the last step of this project that I'm stuck on. I've imported a layer which was originally a smooth square graphic. For the needs of this particular image, I had to tilt it on an angle. Afterward, the smooth sides became jagged and rough. Is there a way to smooth the sides of this square?

    Thank you


  5. Hi everybody,

    I would think this is an easy one for you all. I tried searching for an answer first, but nothing came up. Here's the example:


    I drew dark lines to illustrate how I would like the picture to look. In other words, as if I were looking at it on an angle, making one point of the picture look smaller, and the closer end look larger, ie. adding perspective, or as an artist would say, 'foreshortening...' I hope this description is adequite. Any ideas?

    As always, thanks for your great help here.

  6. Hi all,

    Major newbie here. I've never really dabbled in this before and I've got a problem. I'm attempting to take one image, 'cut a hole' in it, and have my second image underneath showing through the hole. This image may help...


    This jpeg shows the first image. I used the magic wand to cut away the insides of the television...

    Now I want to take a small picture and slide it underneath so it appears to be something that you would be watching on the tv. What steps would I take to acheive this? I've tried playing around with layering, but if that's it, I'm not doing it right.



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