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  1. Well that is one way of doing it but it's very time consuming. If you work on images a lot you start to look for quicker ways to do things. Besides say the images you want to work on already have layers in them it gets very messy very quickly. Photoshop has macros and they are very useful but I've always been frustrated by the way you have to run them on a whole folder of images in a linear manner. Then I came across Cinepaint which has this idea of a sequence manager which lets you go back and forth and randomly anywhere ina sequence and thought the idea was great, but it only works with numbered images. That was fine for me, but as the dev guys here say Paint.NET is not an animation package so it got me thinking why does it have to be for animation it is still useful when you have a large number of images to work on as long as you treat them as a sequence. In fact I see another thread here on the exact same issue. http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=808
  2. Fair enough, I thought that would probably be the response. Hardly seems a "one off" though since there are other packages that support this exact function. It a shame they don't work better is all. It's not really animation as such just the ability to quickly work on a sequence. They wouldn't even need to be numbered if you think about it, just take the idea of globing in python. You could make a sequence out of any folder of images and then the user can work through them retouching or painting or whatever. Anyway some sort of macro or batch procedure is a must I think.
  3. Whilst I understand that Paint.NET is not an animation package have you ever considered adding support for quickly working with images that are named as a numbered sequence? There are very few paint packages that can do this and it would be extremely useful, especially with digital cameras saving out files as numbered sequences. The only other windows paint package I can find that can do this is Dogwaffle and Cinepaint (Cinepaint is currently poorly supported on windows). There would be no need to add support for animation file formats it simply needs adding a load next or previous frame option, and potentially a flipbook viewer that caches images to memory for playback.
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