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  1. That doesn't help when the canvas is zoomed in and it's larger than the window. The main idea behind this, among others, is that you can start your paintstroke off the canvas and draw toward the canvas. It's extremely difficult to paint at the edges otherwise. Of course, a valid solution to this would be to add some pixels to the edges of the image and crop it later, but adding more pixels means using more memory, and sometimes that's not a luxury to be had, especially when some images I work on are already huge.
  2. Actually it's quite the opposite. There are two programs I use currently that have the moving canvas functionality: openCanvas and Photoshop CS2. I'm not certain, but I believe Painter has it, too. Though it may sound useless, it's actually been one of the most useful additions to Photoshop. It really helps when you need to paint near the borders. In fact, I believe such functionality has been requested since Photoshop 6.
  3. Got the images: -Separate palette for fill styles Something like this: -Ability to move canvas beyond canvas boundaries Usually the canvas cannot move when zoomed out: or the canvas cannot move beyond the paintable area when zoomed in (shown here as a red border): My suggestion is to allow moving of the canvas when zoomed out: and the same for when the canvas is zoomed in: Hope that helps :wink:
  4. Some clarification on some of my more ambiguous requests -Lock transparency in layers Lock the alpha for a layer so that when you paint on it the transparency level stays the same while the color value changes. So if a pixel I'm painting on a layer with a locked transparency has a value of R:100, G:100, B:100, and an alpha value of 56%, and I go over it with a brush that has a color value of R:255, G:192, B:15, the alpha value stays the same but the color changes to the brush color. -Separate palette for fill styles Currently the fill styles are accessed via drop-down menu, but because you
  5. Yup, I'm aware of the flatten feature, but it's difficult to manage layers when you can only merge them all at the same time. Typically I'm drawing outlines on one layer, then adding details on layers over that. When that's done, I merge layers that I want to be together. Currently I'd have to hide all the layers I don't want visible (while leaving the ones I want merged visible), flatten the image, paste them into a new window, undo the flatten in the original, and do the same for each merge I want together. There are other ways, but for me this was the most efficient method.
  6. Paint.NET has this, too. Try looking under Layers > Adjustments > Invert Colors. Cheers!
  7. Gimp was one of the programs I tried a while back. Not sure if it's changed much since then (it's been quite a while) but I wasn't too comfortable with it and decided not to use it. Paint.NET is one I actually really like using and would like to see improve. None the less, I'll see about giving Gimp a second look, but Paint.NET's feel is going to be hard to beat.
  8. I really love the program so far, but there are some things I'd like to request for future versions (if they're not already there and I just overlooked them): -Hotkey for swapping foreground and background colors (like X in photoshop) -Lock transparency in layers -Soft paint brushes -Pressure support for brush transparency -Separate palette for fill styles (a little tedious to use as it is now) -Hold Shift while drawing to restrict line to horizontal or vertical axis -Ability to move canvas view beyond canvas boundaries -Ability to merge selected layers -Eraser detection for Tablet PC
  9. Hi There seems to be a problem with pressure detection in the alpha 2 release. It worked fine with the 2.5 version, but once I installed 2.6 alpha 2 with .net 2.0, the pressure sensitivity was gone. I reinstalled 2.5 and the pressure came back. On a side note, I love this program. Thanks for creating it, and keeping it free! -Tj-
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