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  1. rformance". When I first saw it, my first thought was "Put your fingers away from my system, I only want you to install Paint.NET, not screwing my system!" After some blog posts, I know that the optimizer only optimizes Paint.NET for that system but not my system for Paint.NET. The string should be changed to reflect that!
  2. Can I save 16 color images with that? I need that for specific ICO files
  3. At least, that's pretty similar. I am not interested in CMYK. However, 16bpp goes close to 8bpp and that's what I asked for... However, are such things likely to be kinda included?
  4. What I often need is saving BMPs with a specific color deph (8 bit) and a specific palette (the same for something about 13 images). I know, it is not possible with PDN 3.0. Is such a feature planned for a future release?
  5. Due to some model/texture work on HL, I am forced to use 256 colors bitmaps. Sad: PDN can'd do that. Is there any chance for PDN 3.0 to get such a feature?
  6. Thank you, that's all I wanted to hear! I'm happy with everything that helps me using no other programs but Paint.NET.
  7. Automatic dithering would be beautiful...
  8. Hello, I am still messing around with the gool old Half-Life and for that, I need bitmap files with 256 bit color. Either I can't find it or PDN doesn't support that, but can I specify a color depth while saving bitmap files with PDN? If not, will such a feature be implemented?
  9. PDN 2.5 WinXP SP2 Admin account Error: SetupNgen.exe causes an exception error I have nothing more to say about the error, since I get no additional details
  10. If you need photoshop-plugins, why don't use photoshop?
  11. You can use the Windows Explorer thumbnail view. If you set "edit" as the default action, opening a picture to edit it is a matter of a doubl-click.
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