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  1. Like I wrote: "F.e. to copy or move images". It seems for me easier to scroll in an inside browser to open images files based on a view with thumbnails in a specific directory. It should be also a facility to create new or rename directories where you can copy or move certain images. An overview with thumbnails is a great comfort f.e. to rename some images. A lot of programs own such a browser of directories with thumbnails like f.e. Xnview, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoFiltre. At least: "Paint.NET is image and photo manipulation software" like is written in the Overview of the Help function. Thanks for your answer. Jo
  2. I am afraid that that the page is inaccessible, at least for me. "Object not found" Jo
  3. I just installed 2.5 after reading an article in magazine Clickx about the program. It looks like a famous program. The first thing I did after opening the program was searching for an iside browser, but I didn't find it. Is there a browser inside? I miss such a facility because I like often to switch from one directory to an other. F.e. to copy or move images. Thanks Jo