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  1. Is there a way to maintain your tolerance levels for the Magic Wand and the Paint Bucket separate? Example - I use the Magic Wand and a low tolerance to grab a particular area and then when I want to fill that area with my chosen color, I select Paint Bucket and a high tolerance (I want to completely fill the selected area) When I am done with that area of the picture, I want to select a different area and when I select the Magic Wand the tolerance displayed is from my last Paint Bucket, meaning I have to go back up to the Tolerance and reduce it. And of course, when I am ready to fi
  2. Thank you for looking at my problem. When I do HELP/ABOUT it displays Version 2.5. I have solved the issue but I am not sure if I have found a bug in Paint.net or if it is a Windows'ism! If you start by opening Paint.net comared to opening the first file, when you save your 'merged' picture to a new file the thumbnail is correct. If you start by opening the first file you are going to use (which is what I was doing), when you save the 'merged' picture to a new file, the thumnail is that of the first file. If you then right click the new file name and select Refresh Thumbnail then everythi
  3. I have been using Paint.net for a few weeks now and can not stop telling all my friends they need to start to use it. I have been doing fairly basic things up to now and this evening I was 'superimposing' some friends face pictures into various scenery shots by using 2 layers. I got the results I wanted in the new file, but at a later time when I displayed all of the files I have using Windows Explorer, the 'merged picture' file has a thumbnail of one of the originals that I used rather than being a thumbnail of itself. When I open the file it correctly displays the 'merged picture' This
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