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  1. Good point Rick. I didn't realize that there won't be a perfect match if you apply the inverse operation.
  2. Okay, so maybe I'm making this too simple - but you've posted a picture of the space you want the picture to fit and you've put the rotated black box there - so I would take the original dimensions of your black box and resize your image to that dimension and then apply your rotation and zoom that you did to get the same effect as you did with your black box. What I would do is only blow up a part of your original picture so the skewing isn't as bad. Hope that helps, Ben
  3. Here's the deal All of these processors will also run Windows XP Professional x86 as well. If you're wanting to use over 4GB of memory (which I would be surprised at, but I have 3 and depending what you want to run, you can fill that space) you will want to go the x64 route. However, you will need to make sure that the other hardware you buy has compatible x64 drivers because Windows Pro x64 requires 64-bit drivers. Most Windows 32-bit programs will run of Pro x64 but you will get to deal with the fun of two "Program Files" directories (one for 32, the other for 64 bit). Hope that answe
  4. Just some playing I did. Left is original, right is retouched
  5. Excellent, b/c I was just about to bug report it. Thanks for all the great work, Ben
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