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  1. All I can do is post a link to imageshack. but this is not clear enough. I can email the two modded tga's. So you can see that with v2.1 they match perfectly. when heights is resized to overlay regions. With v2.5 they are one pixel out in many places. Almost as if the top layer has been slightly moved.
  2. Thank you for your quick and informative reply.
  3. The land tiles are supposed to match up when the map_heights tga is resized and overlayed on to the map regions tga. I am modding these files, but I checked against the originals and the effect is the same. v2.1 all is good v2.5 the land tiles are one pixel out. options selected are: nearest neighbor by absolute size maintain aspect ratio, is ticked inches/centimetres no difference Note* I just reinstalled v2.5 and double checked. still one pixel out
  4. Files used are from the pc game Rome Total War. When resizing map_heights tga to fit map_regions tga. using nearest neighbor with Paint.NET v2.5 these files need to match but are a few pixels out. Paint.NET v2.1 these file do match.
  5. Is it possible to change both the x and y axis to begin from the bottom left corner? and if so how? e.g. I am making a map for a pc game, if I invert the map the x and y axis are correct for the game, but not for my eyes. I would prefer to adjust x and y if possible. Ok I just noticed that when I resize and overlay some tga files with v2.5 they do not match up like they did with v2.1. Which version should I trust to be more accurate?
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