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  1. Will Paint.NET include official Chinese(Traditional) language pack in coming versions? I've use Paint.NET since v2.x, truly nice work!
  2. What's wrong the with one we currently have? Why do we need a new one? Well, for translate, choose between words that mean the same thing is depend on many conditions such as culture, common useage or something. eleen's pack is well done, but I guess he done that by referring to myy001's Simplified Chinese pack. Therefor, many words in eleen's pack are used by Simplified Chinese but not meet the common useage of Traditional Chinese in Taiwan. So, I reviewed eleen's pack, updated lots stuff and re-pack it. I don't mean to challenge any body but just want to make Paint.NET better. For guy
  3. I have finished a new Traditional Chinese language pack with lots stuff updated. Where can I upload the pack or screenshots?
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