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  1. There's a perfectly good Powertoy for this available from Microsoft. http://download.microsoft.com/download/ ... ySetup.exe
  2. I don't see why you couldn't just make the Move tool basically just pan the entire layer when nothing's selected.
  3. You don't have backitup.pdn in your Hotmail inbox? Should I resend it?
  4. No, this was a stencil with the Moonwalk. Involved a flattening bug that worked nicely in 2.5. Wondering how to do it now.
  5. Rick, I sent you a file on this (backitup.pdn)... did you check it out?
  6. Do you know what it is that Express doesn't have for building what parts of the application? Just curious.
  7. If Effects have access to the standard toolset, this would seem to be really easy to program.
  8. So what's wrong with adding feathering/AA options? Shift-drag? Don't forget, folks: PDN IS open source. If you want to make tools just go into the source and hook one in. As for my idea of B&W alpha channel (for things like VTF or whatever the Valve image format is), it would be as simple as this: Per pixel, make R,G,B = alpha value And the same in reverse, but with desaturation first. That would be quite handy. PS: AV and AS?
  9. Airbrush (Advanced Feathering?). And if we won't have the ability to make custom tools, could you add a feature like Paint's shift-drag (I think it's shift) that treats an image like a brush? Also, this might be more possible with effects, but I'd like to see a feature to convert alpha channel to a black-and white "alpha channel image" and vice versa.
  10. Radial blur's been in since 2.5... Drop shadows are as simple as Duplicate Layer, Brightness and Opacity down and a little dragging.
  11. Please, please, write a printing interface of your own. Scanning is fine, but I'm importing my images to PAINT to print them for goodness sakes.
  12. This would be nice if it could center on selections, so if I want a circle in the corner to blur I wouldn't need to drag it to the center of a new layer.
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