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  1. Not sure if he's bothered you guys either: From: Clinton Canterford [mailto]removed[/i]] Sent: Friday, January 20, 2006 7:12 AM To: neotom@comcast.net Subject: Paint.NET v2.6 Beta 1 and Alpha 2 Importance: High Dear Stuart, I have been using Paint.NET for some months now, upgrading the various betas along the way. All was ok with the v2.5 versions. Unfortunately I updated to v2.6 and this is when the problems with my OS started. I did follow the instructions and download and install the MS .NET framework version 2.0 first. I must admit I had been having problems with my XP Prof SP2 and
  2. Own domain >>> G-Mail == ISP provided e-mail (Comcast) > Hotmail == Yahoo > AOL.
  3. Just a quick note: Something along these lines is really easy with the Office 2003 Picture Manager.
  4. Woah. So, yeah, really good free web hosting is definitely a plus there. But what's a hotmail inbox size? 25 megs? With tons of restrictions... like the inability to recieve your application's own filetype. Wheras e-mail hosting is considerably larger with many less restrictions, if at all.
  5. It seems simple enough to me. OK, maybe not a fully extensible batch processing language, but a couple little favelets to switch between alphabetically ordered images seems like it would be a matter of (design pseudocode): Onclick run "closing image" checks (has it been changed, then launch save prompt, etc.) Find file container Find alphabetical successor to current filename Open And predecessor for the back button.
  6. Yeah, it really isn't designed as a web app, but isn't ASP.NET designed (and one of the guiding principles of .NET 2.0) to have really easy client-web conversion?
  7. Woah, that's USED? Not available? The e-mail stuff with 1&1 takes like 1 minute to set up, by yourself. With aliases.
  8. Yep. That's a sad fact of Windows development that has been mentioned on the Microsoft Fontblog.
  9. ...you don't have your own e-mail? As for hosting, why host when I can send it as an attachment? Not really any advantage. I don't see your point. MY point is that if you have your own webspace (personally) you could easily set up a little PDN section & inbox with no extra cost. And like I said, hosting is cheap for e-mail. On that note, what's the bandwith usage/month for the PDN main page?
  10. Huh, seems like CMD and I are the only ones NOT having this problem...
  11. OH MY GOD Seriously... just put in the damned functionality if we're going to get THIS MANY requests for the damn thing.
  12. So if I save a grayscale image it'll automatically save it as a grayscale image that can be used as a HL1 spray?
  13. Perhaps the ability to add points to a line with curves (the tool, not the color adjustment thing)?
  14. Icons, NO!!! STOP ASKING!!! ARGH!!! And image lists? What, like numbered images?
  15. Pshh, yeah, file types. How's that working out, anyway? Haven't seen much o' either, to tell the truth...
  16. lolz @ Paint.NET error reporting not accepting Paint.NET files. Why can't you guys just shell out like 2 bucks a month for an Exchange server with 1&1? Sent, BTW.
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