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  1. Dammit, I could have SWORN I'd already used MSI clean-up for this. OK, 3.07 is running awesome.
  2. It's a problem with the staging. It's asking me to find an MSI I don't have and have likely never had. I'm not trying to upgrade from a version before 2.6. I currently have 3.0 and can't upgrade to 3.07 or anything. I can't uninstall 3.0 either. Edit: AAAAARGH
  3. Could I have an installer for 3.0? It's telling me I need the one with MSI product code GUID: {816A0870-6EC0-4DFF-B97C-E2CF820D7D6C}.
  4. When it installs the new version, it can't find the MSI package for the last version. The PaintDotNet_######## number it gives for the 3.0 installer is different than the number the existing one has. When I browse to that MSI, it tells me it's not a valid PDN 3.0 installation package.
  5. Why? This isn't useful at all. If I didn't want it to copy the next time I drag, I'd let go of the Ctrl key. That's how it works in Paint. There's no sense in making me switch tools just to "refresh my control quota".
  6. This only works once per switch to the Move tool. For instance, if you hold control, drag a selectiion, drop it, and do it again, the second time it would only move the item, rather than do a copy each time like it should. This has been around since the implementation of Ctrl+Drag.
  7. What is the point of the Alpha gradient tool? It seems like, to me, the only thing it does is creates a "white to black-with-the-opposite-alpha-value-of-the-primary-color". Why not just make a gradient with white and a black with the desired opacity? I thought the point of Paint.NET was to remove options like these that clutter up the UI. EDIT: If you're looking for an alpha-replace type effect I believe the thing to do would be something like a black/white gradient with one of the layer filters on. I'm a bit pressed for time so I can't check which.
  8. Well, that's a start (Just a feature that could create a folder of shortcuts would do fine for this), but I'm just talking about a feature that would reopen whatever images the user had open next time they started PDN.
  9. Could you make it so keypresses to find a font in the dropdown don't only work for the first letter, eg. "A - R - I" would take me to Arial rather then Algerian -> Rockwell -> Ignacious? Do this in Windows Explorer for an example.
  10. Perhaps some sort of way to make PDN reopen with all the files it had, a la IE7's functionality? This would be especially useful for updates.
  11. So what's wrong with just setting up the same color with 2 different opacities and just turning off alpha blending? Edit: just in general what is wrong with alpha colors
  12. Hue/Saturation/Value. Sorry, I wanted to keep the title concise. Basically, anything with a value of 50 comes up as 49 when it's accessed again.
  13. Example: Enter hex 7F4E08 into the pallete. It alternates between 49 and 50. I dunno, there's something up with this but I'm not 100% sure how to explain it.
  14. Now what we NEED for this is a color-to-alpha tool.
  15. But why? Paint.net is neither an OS or a licensing agreement.
  16. Type width number and height number into Canvas Size. Constrain to proportions. Use the percentages. Or just use a calculator and multiply both numbers.
  17. Not off the bat, but there's always stuff like the ol' new-layer-with-a-Gaussian-Blur and such.
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