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  1. i posted about making those sig bar things, and ive been tring to find a program that does animation aswell. i want to make the bars i make fade into each other. ive heard that hotoshop has somthing like that in it. it would be cool to have somthing like that in paint.net. ive found only one free program so far, but it doesnt give you any effects when changing pics. it just flips between them. its called microsoft GIF animator

  2. well it hasnt been defragged in a very long time and i just ran the analyze and its fragmented like crazy, so ill be running that all night. is there any other reasons why those dir and that file are in other places?


    i hate computers, lol. that system32 was a hidden folder, i had to type in the dir in explorer to see it, there is that file in there but its 110kb not 96. might it be messed up?

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