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  1. Not wanting to put your back up, but did you read the bit where I said I ran it through Wise InstallTailor? Creates something called a MSI transform that deals with all the command line options in a different manner. I take it you are not familar with packaging and repackaging applications for deployment via group policy object or other similar methods? As for the administrator install, do you wish to explain how an install via GPO is anything but? Warnings about administator installs when my 250 users next boot up their computer are utterly unwanted, will confuse them no end, and are completely pointless. The point is I know in advance certain conditions related to the install are going to be meet. No offence but you really do not appear to grasp what I am try to achieve. Like I said in the previous reply I now have it installing perfectly fine completely unattended using a GPO in the Active Directory. The only thing left is to work out how to move the shortcut in the Program menu to a "Graphics Software" sub folder. There are several ways to achieve this it is just deciding which is the best way to do it in this particular case, and I ran out of time on Friday to do it.
  2. Is there an easy way to get at the .MSI so I can create a transform to install it on my AD setup via group policy object? At the moment it seems to be wrapped up in an executable of some description, and the usual tools seem unable to "burst it open". JAB
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