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  1. I was able to retrieve this: There is no layer data in the file, whatsoever.
  2. Welcome, young riser, Light Stephan. Father Joseph will inform you of details on initiation, while Father Dan will explain to you the true meaning of Web Standards Compliance. [it's invalid btw. More at http://validator.w3.org/]
  3. The idea is as crazy as the fact that my private server contains 4.33GB in 35,769 Files and 922 Folders. Nice design, though; and a (relatively) simple implementation with the proper hardware.
  4. Binary ascii grunge vertical type deal for "You can't read this" which would be 01011001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100011 01100001 01101110 00100111 01110100 00100000 01110010 01100101 01100001 01100100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 Mind you I don't mean put one's and zero's... just like a jittery horizontal bar type deal. >.> Err, to be realistic, however, just repeat a reformatted version of what you have front-side, imo.
  5. Hey, you're back! :shock: Why AJAX sucks: index.htm iData.js iData.xml While it is still relatively powerful, it's a bloody resource hog for what could be achieved with simple PHP. . .
  6. Boltbait's plugin pack [here] contains Flip, while Madjik stole ( ) grid maker an made it better, [here].
  7. Random disappearances are my specialty. Dunno what happened the last three months, though Damn aliens.
  8. My advice: Go out a[nd] live a little before blogging about it. Take his advice. I've personal experience on the matter...
  9. Something screams "You're gonna get somehow" That or, OMG OMG OMG
  10. In case the HTML nazis ever come and revamp firefox to only accept pages that are conforming to HTML Strict and Standard XML, and whose scripts and stylesheets are completely standards-compliant?
  11. Had to mess with some stuff to get around obsolete code, and also publicised my icons to the PdN namespace... but apart from that, no.
  12. Here is a compilation DLL of all my (major) plugins. I've tried to reconstruct some of my codelab-made scripts to the best of my abilities into this compilation, although some Icons may be missing. However, all functionality is, so far as I have tested, there. Gradient effect by Boltbait and me was left out due to the fact that it is obsolete. Included Plugins: Alpha Mask * Cutout Effect Advanced Greyscale Point Warp Effect Polar to Rect Download v1.1 here: MODERATORS NOTE: This compilation of effects is incompatible with Paint.NET 4.0x PluginCompilation.zip These plugins replace the following DLLs in your effects folder: AdvGrey.dll; AlphaMask.dll; CutoutEffect.dll; PointWarpEffect.dll; [and] PolarRect.dll (if you have the Polar -> Rect file built under this name). *Portions of this effect is attributed to Pleska. v1.1: Placed Alpha Mask in the Object submenu, Placed Advanced Greyscale in the Photo submenu, Relocated Strings to a resource file contained within its own namespace. Source available here; Source provided in a base64 data stream format for Mozilla Firefox only; use at your own risk.
  13. [45] Computer Graphics [40] Film [75] Music [10] Performance Arts [35] Traditional Painting [55] Traditional Drawing
  14. Honestly... Honestly... Nice refinement, though-- Intuitivity and a stable formula makes cause for a better effect. Also, mine was based on a "z-bounce" type deal, yours isn't; mine uses the gaussian function, yours seems to use just a series of distance formulae? . . Either way, nice deal. 9.9~ / 10
  15. I suppose if you toy with it enough you can make a neat fireball
  16. Done. Edit: Just as an idea of how it works (No really technical terms, just words.):
  17. The angle chooser weirded me out myself. First I thought it was off by 90 so added 90, then it looks off by another 90... I'd work it out with math if I weren't lazy.
  18. By the way, having a new layer doesn't alter your image in any way; how it appears on the screen is how it will appeared when flattened and saved.
  19. Moderators Note: @toe_head2001 has recompiled this plugin to work under PDN 4. You can find the new version here: Point Warp / Engorged Smudge for PDN 4 This plugin applies a `point warp' at a given location on the image. It's basically bulge [ :Bulge: ] but in the horizontal plane instead of the vertical. The UI (v1.1) - I'm not truly sure of the uses for it, but it's interesting at best what can be done with it. Completely based on the Gaussian function and nothing more or less. Made with the v3.20 UI. DLL and source (both ZIP'd) attached. Edit: After figuring out what I actually meant when I wrote the base of this code back in April, I made some small modifications to the UI and code that should look and work with more intuitivity. (v1.1 minor) PointWarpEffect.zip source.zip
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